Pics of my new Gucci(s)

  1. Yeah! The small bag with Platino trim on the left was my first purchase, the one in pink is my first love ;) , the purple one in leather and the small one in purple trim were... *addictions*??? Love them all!
  2. Love your collection! The purple leather one is so cute!
  3. OMG! yeaaay! We have the same pink bag, and the same pink little thingie too! I'm so glad u got urs! :yahoo: That cute little pink thingie was the only item I could find at the Outlet to match the bag, and I was hoping to get a wallet like that. But it's all good!
  4. Very nice collection! I love the lilac Gucci!
  5. Congrats... Love them all
  6. Aww, so cute. You like tiny bags. Thats good, makes life so much simpler.
  7. nice gucci collection. congrats.
  8. oh I love your bags! I want them all! lol!
  9. I love them! Great collection :smile:
  10. Love them all!!!
  11. Those are great! Love the purple one!
  12. Great collection.
  13. Love them all together !
  14. Great collection!!!!Loves them all!
  15. Too cute! They are adorable!