Pics of my new Gucci family

  1. Not the greatest pics so I apologize. The canvas wave just came to my house yesterday and she's even prettier in person! I'm so happy I found her for only $629 at the Cabazon outlet. The punch was from there too and the Britt from Thanks for letting me share.


  2. Nice collection. I really like the wave!
  3. Nice collection, thanks for sharing
  4. wave is soo cute! Nice family.
  5. Love your boston! Great pieces, enjoy them.
  6. Congrats on your purchases!!! Very Very NICE!! Enjoy
  7. thanks for sharing :yes: Nice collection
  8. Love the wave... cute collection. Congrats!
  9. Wow, $629?! Such a deal, the boston is to die for! Congrats! I'm going to start demanding to Gucci that they open an outlet here...
  10. Ver nice!

  11. I love them all!
  12. thanks for sharing! nice collection.
  13. beautiful congrats!
  14. Great Collection!!!
  15. so pretty!