*****PICS of my new Grey 2.55*******

  1. Here are pics of my new large Grey 2.55 with silver hardware. :yahoo: :nuts:

  2. Lovely.
  3. I love it!! :heart:
  4. It is lovely! It is the 227?
  5. OMG that is a beautiful bag, congrats...love the silver hardware...
  6. Wow pretty!!! Love the commerative details on the interior flap! (It's sorta like you got bordeaux cuz the interior of the grey reissue is that wine colour... :P )

  7. Yes, it is the 227.
  8. wow, can't believe you can still find this bag!!

    What size is it?
  9. How do you like the size? I have a 226, and really like it, but wonder about trying a 227. I was thinking it wouldn't be too overpowering, but I could carry a bit more.
  10. I also have the grey 226, and I am 5'1" and tried the 227, 227 looked a bit big on me so to me the 226 is the perfect size for my petite frame.
  11. The size is perfect for me. I'm 5' 10", so I can carry a large bag with no problem. I'm able to fit quite a bit in it as well. There is some give in this bag, so you can get more into it.
  12. Congrats!!!! It's a beauty!
  13. ^^^^ Good to know! I am only 5'2", so I bet I'd have the same issue as hikarupanda. Thanks ladies! Congrats on the Reissue, I think it is such a special bag!
  14. Very pretty!!!! love it! Congrats!
  15. I love it!!!! The color is so pretty, do you know if they make the classic flap in a grey color? Congrats on your new bag!