Pics of my new green Denim Baggy PM

  1. I picked it up today :yahoo:I am seriously in love with this bag!


    I am so glad I decided on the green before it is gone. The bag is so soft, and I love the lining. I put in a PurseLite organizer (in photos 3 and 4 below,) and it fits great, the color goes well and it gives it just the right amount of shape. I am wearing it below with both the short and the long strap. I love the long strap, it makes it such a functional bag. :wlae:

    I also picked up a catalog so I can start planning my next purchase. :angel:
    LV1.jpg LV3.jpg LV4.jpg LV5.jpg LV6.jpg LV7.jpg
  2. oooooo, I do love that green, I kinda talked myself out of the mini pleaty in green....but haven't completely written it off my list....maybe I need to re-visit before it's too late.....
  3. I have the GM in green..LOVE IT! Congrats!
  4. My favorite denim bag!!! I LOVE IT!
  5. Oh you got the green one! Yay! It looks great on you, and I love the long strap. Congrats!
  6. oh my, it makes me wanna get one for myself first thing is just gorgeous.Good choice!
  7. Wonderful color :love:
    Congrats & enjoy!
  8. oooo I loooove your bag!! a huge congrats! I really love the baggy line...I want it in the gm! and it looks great with the long strap...makes it super functional and versatile...and the color is awsome!
  9. Wow, I am liking the PM with the long strap. Great idea! and Great choice in the green, it is so cute!!! Good luck with it!
  10. Congrats, it looks great on you!
  11. Congrats!!! It looks so good on you. I want one now!!
  12. Steph, your new bag is GORGEOUS!!! I saw one IRL and it truly is a stunning color!!!:love: CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:
  13. Its beautiful! I love the green denim.
  14. :nuts: Congrats!!! I love the green:love: looks great on you! Enjoy!!!!
  15. love it..congrats!!!

    this color grows on me..