Pics of my new Green Betty

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  1. I found this bag via a fellow PF member. It's the medium size.The bag is from Saks in Naples,FL. I had great customer service on top of a great deal. The color is pretty IMO. Sorry if it doesn't match what I'm wearing today. :upsidedown:
    bt1 (2).jpg bt3 (2).jpg bt4 (2).jpg bt5 (2).jpg bt6 (2).jpg bt2 (3).jpg
  2. That's so cute! I love the shade of green!
  3. Beautiful! I just saw the Betty in the window of a store while I went for a walk on my lunch hour. It's such a stunning bag. Congrats!
  4. it looks great on you!
  5. Thanks everone! :yahoo: I'm proud of it. Anyone else get the green one?
  6. No, but that's a gorgeous color! I ordered the ivory one from the same Saks!! Did you get it at $550 as well?
  7. Looks so cute on!! Congratulations. That is the first green one I've seen posted.
  8. :censor:, mine was $716. You really got a deal. :yahoo:
  9. I bought the green one last friday. I loves it!!! It is my first Chole'.
  10. Well, I am not sure if it was really a medium until i see the real thing. She said original was 1800, and 540 after the marked down on thur.
    Let's keep my fingers crossed!
  11. Anyone know of a shipping code for net-a porter? I want this necklace:[​IMG]
  12. Which Saks did you buy it from??? Did they have any chocolate medium bettys??? :nuts:
  13. The color is stunning, congrats!!!
  14. Jag, the SA that helped me is Sheila. Here's her # :239 592 5900 ex358.
  15. Great Necklace, but they will not be giving any free ship codes whilst the sales are still ongoing :sad:
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