PICS of my new Gallery Tote

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  1. I got a new large Gallery Book Tote yesterday and I'm in love:heart:. It is soft, yet structured, and the straps fit comfortably over the shoulder. For reference, I am 5'2" and a little bit, shall we say, "fluffy".
    Coach Red Gallery Book Tote1.jpg

    It even matches my old Coach planner which I've been carrying daily for a few years now, since I decided to go from PDA back to paper. The planner fits perfectly inside with plenty of room to spare. This will be a great bag for work. The pics make it look brighter than it actually is, it is a dark red.
    Coach Gallery Tote Red Leather3.jpg

    I only picked the scarf to match what I was wearing today, it really doesn't work with the bag otherwise.
    Coach Gallery Tote Red Leather2.jpg

    I already have the valet keyfob, leather jotter, and some Coach loafers in this exact color. I don't usually try to get all matchy-matchy, but what the heck. Yippee!!:yahoo:
  2. I like the color :tup:
  3. Very pretty, looks great on you! I love the color.
  4. Looks fantastic on you. Congrats!
  5. That's a great bag! I love gallery totes.

    and sorry, but fluffy? the only thing that looks fluffy on you is your hair!
    Looks fabulous!:heart:
  6. Beautiful bag! I have a red gallery tote that is patent leather and I love using it around the holidays. Have fun with your's! :tup:
  7. Very nice!! The combination of the red tote and green scarf is making my brain go into Christmas-mode!! With such a nice, simple tote like that, a dangling keyfob(or any keyfob!!) hanging off of it would look gorgeous!!
  8. Well, some days I just feel a little fluffier than others. That's why I like a bag that I can hide behind when necessary:p.

    Thanks everyone, I do love it. I'm already thinking I might need this bag in navy, too:graucho:.
  9. That's exaactly the bag I would want. Where did you get it, store or outlet?
  10. What a great bag- congrats! I have one in suede and it is such a great size!
  11. Gorgeous bag! Love the color.
  12. You are right Maya, how do you think a skull charm would look? Maybe a skull and the zebra print ponytail scarf? Looks good in my mind, but might be overkill, I don't know.
  13. Cute bag. Love the color red.
  14. Oh, I really like it! It looks really good on you!! And I love the color!
  15. This is a Coach Factory bag and it retailed for $398. I got this one new on eBay for a much better price;). There are a few listed right now in red, black, brown, and navy.