PICS of my new FRINGE SPEEDY and Incl Bracelet!!!!

  1. :heart: So here it is.... and here is the watermarking as well!!!! :nuts:
    DSC01218.jpg DSC01219.jpg DSC01220.jpg DSC01226.jpg DSC01224.jpg DSC01221.jpg DSC01223.jpg DSC01225.jpg DSC01227.jpg DSC01229.jpg
  2. Gorgeous!!! Congrats on both!!! Love the fringe speedy :love:
  3. wow! i am sure no one will steall your pictures! what great purchases!
  4. :yahoo:OMG!!! I LOVE BOTH!!!:love: CONGRATS!!!:flowers:
  5. Ahh gorgeous!!! I WANT ONE
  6. Love them, and they're quite watermarked ! :biggrin:
  7. your bracelet...can't wait to get mine..
  8. Lovely purchases. :yes:
  9. One more, where are we creating the fringe group?
  10. Better hurry!! This one was waitlisted and paid for already by someone. The store couldn't reach the person that bought it for some time and I don't think they like that (the store) I think it must have been just a deposit or something. So they returned it and handed it over to me. It was the only white frange they had in the speedy.
  11. Awesome, congrats! I love the inclusion bracelet, I love seeing pictures of the inclusion stuff :heart:
  12. Hehehehee!! I'm there! Just tell me where :yahoo:
  13. Lovely purchases! Congrats
  14. Here's me *modeling* LOL!! :roflmfao: As if!!
    DSC01231.jpg DSC01238.jpg
  15. We KNOW you love the white speedy!:girlsigh:
    I hope CHAG loves hers just as much!!!
    Fringe club coming soon?:lol: