Pics of my new fringe Bucket ,Belt, Winter jacket!!,Shoes!

  1. So here they are! I love each item! More pics in my collection:upsidedown: :yahoo:
    1.jpg 2.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg 12.jpg 13.jpg 15.jpg 18.jpg
  2. You Rock!
  3. they are so pretty!!! the fringe bucket looks better than the fringe speedy IMO...great figure too!! woohoo!!
  4. OMG!!!:nuts: LOVE EVERYTHING!!! STAR, you DO rock!!!:yahoo:
  5. WOW... I think you dropped something, Star... [my jaw] lol.

    I :heart: it all. Congrats!
  6. just beautiful!
  7. Incredible stuff on an incredible bod!! You are a hot mamma with good taste! Nice haul!!
  8. WOW i love them all... Thanks for sharing :smile:
  9. you go girl! loovvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee that jacket!
  10. Whoa!!!!!!!!!! What is that jacket?????? Can I ask how much it is? Do you have to order that, do they have it in the stores?? Wow!!! That is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Love the bag and shoes too, of course!!!!!
  11. don't waste any time! :nuts:
  12. Those are great items and you look great wearing them!
  13. lovely purchases!
  14. Congrats Star !!!:yahoo: Love them all and they look great on you!:tender:
  15. Thanks everyone! Gee, I think I better switch my jeans to Rockn'Republic from Citizen's, you guys seem to think my cellulite ridden body is fantastic or something. It's the jeans, really, thanks.

    The LV jacket was about $4000 at tops. I can't be sure, I got it in LV London and forget the amount of Euro's but exchange was about $4000 USD. Thanks for the compliment! It is down- filled and warm! I usually look like a marshmellow in the winter. This is this first winter coat I have that has a WAIST!!!!!!:love: