Pics of my new epi mandarine Jasmine!

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  1. Check out this beauty my hubby bought for me last evening.:love:
  2. We need a drooling smiley :P

    Kat, it is just beautiful. I love that color! You have a wonderful husband :love:
  3. Kat - It SOOOOOO Beautiful!!!! Congratulations!!!
  4. Love the style and color. Very refreshing!
  5. Perfect color!!
  6. Congrats (for the bag and for having a man with good taste!!) :biggrin:
    Great colour!!
  7. Love the mandarine color for summer!! :love: :love: What a sweet hubby!
  8. It's gorgeous, your husband knows how to spoil a girl ! ;)
  9. sooooo pretty! I love the color.
  10. Beautiful! :love:
  11. Its a gorgeous bag, what a striking colour.
  12. Beautiful bag and the color is amazing!!!
  13. Beautiful! I really like that color!
  14. I love the jasmin! =)
  15. it's so pretty. What kind of outfit are you going wear with it?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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