Pics of my new Epi Leather....

  1. Pics of my new black epi pochette posing w/ my daughter. :heart:

  2. Your DD is adorable! Congrats on that fab pochette :smile:
  3. Your daughter is adorable! Congrats on the pochette- one of my favorite bags
  4. Congrats on your pouchette! Doesn't look like you'll get it back!

    Your daughter is so cute!
  5. You're daughter is a cutie-pie! :yes: Congrats on your pochette!
  6. What an adorable daughter you have - is she wearing wings? Love the bag also!
  7. Cute! Congrats!
  8. Awww... she looks sooo cute with the pochette! Congrats! :biggrin:
  9. Cute pics :tup: Congrats :smile:
  10. Congrats!! Your daughter is so cute!!
  11. Congrats on your pochette!! Your daughter is super cute with the wings on
  12. congrats :smile: cute daughter & pouchette
  13. I love the color of her hair, so pretty. And the epi is of course lovely.
  14. very cute!! congrats!
  15. Congrats, and your daughter is so cute together with the pochette! It is a nice "regular purse" for her. :tup::tup: