Pics of my new Diamond Stitch Tote

  1. Otherwise known as Grained Calfskin Tote...
    DSCN0246.JPG DSCN0245.JPG
  2. Great looking bag!
  3. I'm getting this in the mail monday, I love it. Congrats
  4. It is gorgeous - I love it! Does it fit over the shoulders comfortably? TIA
  5. Here is a pic on the shoulder
  6. Hi Pelinaka, I just posted a pic above. Yes, it does fit comfortably on the shoulder. If I remember correctly, it felt about the same as when I tried on the classic jumbo. It does not site right under the armpit. You have some room. This is the smal tote but it hold quite a bit.
    It is the perfect everyday bag.

    Thanks to everyone for the kind words!
  7. Bellabags, Your bag is gorgeous and looks really nice on you , very cool looking.
  8. ooooh pretty!!!
  9. Omg, I am in love! It's beautiful!
  10. very nice!
  11. it's lovely!!
  12. oh i love it!! congrats!!!
  13. Beautiful--I love this style (as many of you know) and am trying to decide on which color I want and what size--Is this black and the small size?
  14. Beautiful bag!

    Do the big silver CCs remind anyone else of the 70's a little?
    Kind of like the big Gs on the Gucci Blondies?
  15. Congrats it's a gorgeous bag!