pics of my new chanels this week!

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  1. This is the Black on black Ligne Cambon Flap
    I l ike this bag because it seems a tad more casual for me, its like the classic only w/out the chains and its BIG!
  2. This is my 2nd one: Great for going out to dinner w/ Umnm, if I show you what the interior looks like can someone tell me the exact name of this? I bought it on ebay and love it!
  3. this is the inside of the above pic. I'm not a Chanel expert but I do love Chanel! I hope to learn some things in this forum.
  4. OOOPS, SORRY GUYS...!Pushed the wrong button!
  5. Oooh both are gorgeous, but I especially like the cambon bag ! Congrats ! :yes:
  6. Congrats on both purchases!
  7. Nice! Love that cambon!!
  8. I love them both! Congrats!!!
  9. Nice bag....
    That Cambon is so hard to find now....Be pround to own.
  10. Congrats on your new bags!:yahoo:
  11. I believe that is referred to by Chanel as "Wallet on a chain". I always liked those! Congrats!
  12. their lovely!
    good choices
  13. Congrats! They are beautiful!
  14. You will really love the Cambon Flap Tote. It can hold alot of stuff, and is one of my favorites.

    Congrats on your purchases!
  15. I LOVE that Cambon!
    The 2nd one is really nifty! I saw it at NM this afternoon. . . I have no idea of the name or original retail though.