pics of my new Chanel sunglasses

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. I LOVE these sunglasses!:love:

  2. Cute. Congrats!
  3. They're very pretty. Congrats!
  4. Those are hot! Love them! Congrats!
  5. Those are great! I love them :nuts:
  6. Those are fab. You guys are making me want a pair so bad.
  7. Very cute Kat,
  8. Gorgeous !
  9. 0o0o0o0o those are really beautiful!!!!!
  10. They're gorgeous! Congrats Kat.
  11. GORGEOUS! Are those Crystals?
  12. I think they are.:shame:
  13. oooooohhh! Very nice! I love Chanel sunglasses! Congrats!
  14. BLING! Very nice Chanels!
  15. i'm salivating over here!:nuts:
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