Pics of my new Chanel bags and a scarf!! Yay...

  1. Just some eyecandy for all you lovely Chanel Pfmers. My brown expandable flap which I bought a while ago but never got round to posting.... My Black Caviar jumbo with silver H/W which I bought pre surgery and a lovely tweed Chanel scarf (but it is so big it is more like a shawl) which my DH bought for me post surgery. Yay, who's going to be too cool this WINTER????? :heart::heart::heart:
    chanel 017.jpg chanel 015.jpg chanel 016.jpg chanel 018.jpg chanel 019.jpg
  2. Love love love, the scarf :love:... and im normally not a scarf person! Great bags t:huh:. cOngrats! Hope your healing up well~! :tup:
  3. Syma congrats!!! Hope you have recovered well...Enjoy your new stuff!
  4. Congrats on all you new purchases! Enjoy:smile:
  5. Gorgeous!!! Loving the scarf, bring on winter :yahoo:
  6. Oh Syma, didn't know you went for surgery, speedy recovery !!! It's so lovely for DH to get you post surgery present.... we are Jumbo twins , hehee... and love your scarf... makes me want to go down to Chanel boutique now.... congrats!
  7. Great bags and scarf!!! :heart:
  8. Stunning!
  9. Nice haul.

  10. Thank you for the well wishes sweetie! DH has been great he bought me a lovely LV cup watch as well!
  11. Lovely new collection! Congrats~
  12. im loving the scarf! the color combo is totally hot!
  13. Goregeous, congrats!
  14. Syma Congrats !lovely bags and TDF scarf!:nuts:Hope you fully recover soon to post us pics!:heart::flowers:
  15. I LOVE the scarf and the bags are great! Hope you're feeling better! :flowers: