pics of my NEW chanel bag....KEEP it or get the REISSUE ???

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  1. Hello~
    I got this at NM, cuz they didn't have the reissues.
    It was a little over $2100 I believe.
    This was my first Chanel bag. I didn't want the classic chanel flaps cuz although it looks gorgeous by itself, it didn't look right on me.....:sad:

    So..... what do you think I should do?
    return my bag and get a metallic reissue?? Or keep by bag and forget about the reissue.
    I want a bag that I can match easily with jeans and casual clothes.

    so..... whacha think??? :love:


    chanel 1.jpg chanel new.jpg chanel new 2.jpg
  2. don't like this bag, sorry.

    to be honest, i think this bag is very easy to be 'out'.

    i think reissue will be much more durable!
  3. Its a nice bag but if I had to choose between that and a new reissue, I'd go with a reissue.
  4. I think these bags are adorable. I have the large size in coral color. Its called the Walk of Fame bag and even though they are a bit stylized, I think its a great bag.
  5. This bag would look great with jeans and casual clothes - I think it is really hip and cute. But the reissue would also look good dressed up - this is a great first purchase. I bet you get a reissue in the near future, though!!
  6. I think this is a great bag! But if you would love the reissue, I would say go for it, especially since you seem to be thinking about it, even now. If you LOVE this bag more, don't second guess it -I think it's great for your lifestyle... as it can be worn casually, and even dressed up if need be because of it's size and the beautiful chain. Good luck deciding!
  7. i LOVE it! i say keep it :smile:
  8. I agree, it's a fabulous bag so I say keep it too:tup:
  9. I prefer your bag over the reissue. I don't like the reissue that much and I love the uniqueness of your bag. You should definitely keep it!
  10. I love your bag. I am not too found of the reissue. This bag is more unique and I like the CC closure. To me, it should say Chanel for $2100. The reissue is too subtle.
  11. If this bag isn't doing it for you, then don't keep it. Personally, I find the '08 metallic reissues disappointing. If you want a less trendy reissue, sit tight and see what is released as New York's commemorative purse for the Mobile Art Exhibit which is coming in Sept. (which will be signed by Karl on the inside flap via an auto pen of some sort tho.) The only other alternative is to keep an eye out on Ebay or a consignment store for a pre-loved reissue.
  12. Personally, I like this bag better. I love the textured leather too. But if you are questioning it, then I think deep down you prefer the Reissue? Don't go by what we say, you decide what you like best.

    I feel both bags could be dressed up or down, so it's really up to you. Some people prefer the subtleness of the reissue (as it does not have any logos and does not scream Chanel, other than the look of it), others prefer the CC closure, they want people to know it's Chanel. I have the flaps with the CC closure, and I also have the hybrid flaps that have the mademoiselle closure (like the reissue has), and I always buy because I like the color or the leather on the bags, I like either closure.
  13. I'm not a big fan of the hidden chain and feel that the reissue looks more classic whereas this style will look a bit dated down the road. I've a feeling that you really wanted the reissue and for the money it is worthwhile hunting down your perfect first Chanel rather than settling for what's available.
  14. i think if i am you and this is my 1st chanel bag, i am goin to choose reissue, black metallic or Navy metallic. This is the bag when i think i have too much money to spend with no other chanel bag options then i will buy this bag.. kwim? let us know what u decide in the end. ow but dun forget to try the reissue 1st, if you think this one make your heart sing louder, please get this one and dun care bout all the comments made by us-enablers hihi =) gdluck
  15. I like this bag better. I feel a bid "OD'd" on the metallic reissue. This looks younger, hipper and can be worn with anything.