Pics Of My New Chanel Agenda ^_^

  1. hehehehe i decided to get the chanel agenda and i absolutely love it
    although the ring in the inside is just a tad small as i much prefer the day a page refills as opposed to the week over 2 page.. but ive solved the problem by only putting in half the refills for the first half of the year in there..heheheh *loves it*

    i justified buying it by telling my boyfriend to get me the agenda and i'll get him the xbox 360 as he was planning to buy it anyway.. hehe so this way we dont feel guilty over spending money we should be saving for our trip in just over a week. alhough i need a nice pen to put in it now.. do any of you guys have problems with finding the perfect pen? i love the way this particualr pen i have writes but it looks so ugly..and then there are those pens that look stunning but the ink comes out funny and my handwriting looks horrible

  2. I love it!

    What size is this one? Can I ask how much it was?

  3. I love it too!!!!
  4. NICE~ congrats!
    I want to get an agenda as well... how much is this one? Are there any other available?
  5. Wowww!!
  6. I am considering buying one for the new is gorgeous! Do you mind telling how much it was?
  7. It's so pretty! Congrats!
  8. hehehehe i bought it from chanel in melbourne (im from australia) and it was $605. the size is about 14.5cm x 11cm. when i asked them if they had any other styles they said this was the only one they had.. ive read on previous threads (correct me if im wrong) that they had discontinued this style as i think a previous poster mentioned she had to get hers shipped from hawaii.
    i love it because i havent seen anyone have it at all hehehe
  9. I love that! Especially the bright pink interior. :smile:
  10. I LOVE. Do they make agendas in any other style (if in fact this is discont'd)??
  11. I love it, I didn't know there was an agenda in the Cambon line. I agree about the pink interior!!!!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  12. hehehe I love the hot pink
    I'm not to sure if there are any styles in the agenda... the SA I asked wasn't very helpful and the website isn't either
  13. congrats, beautiful agenda.
  14. love it congrats!
  15. I love your new agenda! If i didnt already have a pink agenda that i loved i would probably try hunting for this one too. The hot pink interior is amazing!