Pics of my new Cerises Speedy

  1. I got this from a very lovely PFer. I've had her a couple of weeks and I love her to death. This is definitely one LV piece I will never be parting with.:love:
  2. aw she's awesome! have fun with her! I love the cerises's so happy!
  3. LOVE this bag!! That's one I definitely regret selling! Enjoy it!!
  4. *drools* :drool:
  5. mpark it is gorgeous. lucky girl. Do you have the graffiti speedy as well?
  6. I wish!! The graffiti speedy is definitely on my wishlist though!
  7. yes it is a must have bag? I thought you had one but it was actually selena I was thinking of.

    well hope you find one. those bags are a rare find. Especially finding one in good condition.
  8. Gorgeous bag m, congrats:flowers:
  9. The bag looks great on you! Very nice buy
  10. The bag looks so well on you. Congrats!
  11. Wow, it's such a lovely bag..! And the handles look so new too...
  12. gorgeous bag!!!! Congrats!!!its on my list too!!
  13. Congrats!!!:yahoo: Looks great on you:yes:
  14. looking hot with that gorgeous bag. congrats!
  15. Great bag! Its looks gorgeous. :smile: