pics of my new but dented Lady Braid bowler

  1. ok so i've been wondering if i would ever see this bag, and lo and behold it showed up today at my office. the color...i can't tell you how much i am in love with this deep dark grey, but the bag is dented/creased/smushed on one side (other side is firm and smooth). then one end is also dented in, whereas other end is nice and smooth...don't you think i should swap it? but the question is, whasssup with this? it's supposed to be brand new!:push:

    the BH store has a new one that they will hold for me till tomorrow to swap. i don't think i should settle for an expensive bag that comes all misshapen like this, right? i don't think by stuffing it the crease will come just looks so sad and...well, used....




    first pic is the truest might be even darker than that IRL
  2. ok so i forgot to this a keeper? at first i was pretty psyched that BH could replace it, but the more i look at this one, the more i'm so disappointed by the bad shape it's in that i'm almost of a mind to just return it and not bother with getting a replacement...what do you think?
  3. Definately a keeper.
    But yeah, I wouldn't want a dented one either.
    Not at that price!
  4. Exchange it and see how you feel about it then! I find it very pretty!
  5. I love the color - you know how I feel about grey :yes:

    I would at least look at the other bowler and decide if you should return it vs. replace it. If the other one's in as bad a shape the answer should be easy. You already have this in another color, correct?

    But it's a great looking bag, dents notwithstanding!
  6. ^i don't have this bag in another color, but the texture is very much similar to my Marais bowler. the color is just TDF. ugh just kinda ruined the excitement for me...
  7. Love the color. Not sure about the style, for me at least.
  8. I love the lady braid.
  9. I really like the look of this bag, and I know how a defect or damage can take the thrill away for you. Think on it and see how you feel. Is it comfortable to hold? The only thing i think I'd have trouble with is the large puffy handles, they look comfortable but big.

    I like the sunglasses in your avatar picture, you look so cute! :yes:
  10. Change it! It's gonna bug you knowing that the bag isn't perfect. You deserve a brand new bag that's perfect! I personally hate knowing that my bag has an imperfection somewhere.

    Congrats btw, lovely colour..
  11. it looks really comfortable although i am a bit puzzled by the handles. If you are not 100% crazy about it, I would exchange it.
  12. I love the color but not sure about the style. I would definitely exchange it! I like your marais bags more :heart: I love love your sunglasses :tup:
  13. Congrats on your LBB! I am expecting mine to come any days now, if I see a similar issue like yours, I will let you know. But, from the pic, the dent doesn't seem that bad, maybe it is from the way it was package and store.:confused1:
    It kinda look similar to the Bubble Quilted Bowler though, hum...Either way, can't wait to see it irl!
    Any modeling pics? The handle does seem like that it will be pretty comfortable to carry around...puffy
  14. I love the color of this bag! The gray is the color for this fall and trendy or not, I love gray in general...looks so classic and sophisticated on anyone.. I think you should def. keep the bag, but of course, exchange for the new one. It's too bad this beautiful bag got dented like this.
  15. The grey is soooo pretty. Exchange it for one that is not dented but you have to keep it.