Pics Of My New Britt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love!!!!!!!!!

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] Its a rainy nasty day here in NJ!! LOL! So this bag made me REALLY happy when it FINALLY :rolleyes: showed though it was supposed to be here on FRIDAY!:drool: Its definately drool material...LMAO!!!
  2. :love: That looks absolutely STUNNING on you! Thanx for the pic!! Enjoy! :heart: Emmy
  3. What a beauty. A bag like that would brighten your day, that's for sure. Congrats!
  4. Sweetie I absolutely love it and want one...I broke my budget on my large Boston so I am going to wait and see if I can get one at the end of season sale if there are any left....gorgeous it!!!!
  5. Thanks!! I now want the matching wallet too...LMAO.....
  6. Gorgeous! The leasther on that looks delicious! :drool:
  7. The color is beautiful! Congrats Jill!
  8. Great bag Jill! bet it made the sun come out :smile:
  9. Jill that was the same one i tried. i love it.
  10. She's a beauty Jill Congrats.
  11. It's beautiful! Definitely the perfect bad weather pick-me-up!
  12. Love it. Jill, can you carry it without the strap or is better with the strap?
  13. Its actually nice to wear either way..I personally LOVE messenger straps..BUT the hand straps are alos long enough to be worn on the shoulder too....:supacool:
  14. Guuurl, how many bags have you bought in the last month?!?! I'm so jealous! It's truly gorgeous! Love the oversized logo with signature webbing inside.
  15. It's gorgeous ! Congrats ! :yes: