Pics of my new bottegaS (I'm been very bad...) and my kitty

  1. OMG I'm so happy I just wanted to share this with all of you. Here are the bottegas I bought today. The wallet on the right is for my DH. I decided on the Ebano because it's such a classic colour. I already know what I want next! The Medium cabat in Noce (matte). I'm going on a long self-imposed purse ban as of today.

    Boy do I feel high right now. I can't stop grinning like an idiot when I look at my bottegas!!!:nuts:...even my kitty wants a piece of the action....:rolleyes:
    Bottegas.jpg Tanoshii.jpg
  2. great haul! a cabat, a campana, and more!!!

    congratulations! do give us more details of your treasures...

    you go girl!:yahoo::wlae::woohoo:
  3. Wow, 2 such gorgeous bags luv the campana and the cabat. Can we have some action pics please!!!!! I'd love to see that cabat on your shoulder. The kitty is real cute too:love::love:
  4. Congrats on the new purchase! A Cabat, a Campana, and a Ferro Karung wallet... you sure went all out! Great picks!
  5. mmm, ebano is such a yummy colour! congratulations on your great choices!! can't wait for the action pics!!
  6. Ebano is such a great color! Congrats on the stunning new purchases.
  7. krustycrabcakes, congrats on all the BVs! Love your wallet and cabat! :heart:Please post some action pics.
  8. wow i was just deciding a bag on ebano. great haul and these are 2 wonderful bags!
    you are so sweet for getting something for the hubby too :smile:
  9. krustycrabcakes-congrats on such beautiful bags. enjoy them. both the campana and the cabat are classic easy to use bags. and ebano is also classic and wonderful. i love the cabat in noce and have it but i think the ebano is even better. there is something about the cabat in a dark color that is really chic. enjoy your bags. here is a picture of the cabat in noce for the future.
    noce cabat.jpg
  10. Congrats on your stunning haul! You bought such gorgeous classics :drool:
  11. Love your new BV's!! You did good! The campana is so luscious in ebano. Ah, kitties and shopping bags...always fun to watch!
  12. OMG, one of those would give me a BV high, but two!!!:happydance:plus the wallets! You will absolutely love both purses--as BV says, they are icons.

  13. kcc, many congrats on your fabulous BV haul!!! You really went all out to start your collection. Such classic BV bags too. The kitty is just so adorable, prob thought its his/her new home. I would have gotten something for DH too if i came home after such a spree :p Well done!

    Now, time for some action pics.
  14. Annie, what is the size of your noce cabat? TIA
  15. uclaboi-my noce cabat is a medium and nappa umbria.
    hope this helps. are you enjoying your cabat?