Pics of my new Batignolles~!

  1. I finally decided to trade my perforated pochette for this beautiful and oh so functional batignolles horizontal...and I LOVE it~!:love:

    I take it to school and work everyday and its soo roomy...wanted to share some pics (blurry...but I'll take some nicer ones later)...:amuse:
  2. Congratulations. It's lovely.
  3. Much better choice!! You will adore it. I have been carrying mine for weeks straight. I just literally switched into my speedy because I was sick of hearing her whine and cry to be taken out! :smile: Its a lovely bag enjoy it!!

  4. haha. youre soo cute. Here I was thinking that I was the only one that talked to my bags as babies...I take them out for strolls also.
  5. Congrat's
  6. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. Batignolles is on my short list!
  7. short list?
  8. Gorgeous, definitely worth the trade ! :biggrin:
  9. Congrats! You'll get more use out of this bag than the perf pochette IMHO>:amuse:
  10. Congrats!!!
  11. Isn't it FAB!? Enjoy it, I ENJOY mine everyday!
  12. Beautiful! It looks so roomy, and I love your accessories (especially the MC agenda :nuts: ).
  13. Congrats! I promise you're going to LOVE this bag!!!
  14. Yay! Looks great texas! Lovin' the inside shots, lol.
  15. Congrats TC!!