Pics of My New Balenciaga First in Pewter!

  1. I got out of my classes today and had a little note in my campus mailbox - i had to drive over to mail services to get my Balenciaga! i swear it was the longest drive of my life (even though it was less than a mile) - so much anticipation! Here are the pics, i :love: :love: :love: it! it's perfect and SO versatile! this may be the start of a large B-bag obsession...

    the pics don't really do it justice, it's so hard to get metallic leather to show up well on photo. i'd say it's not so much shiny as it is shimmery, which is my fave kind of metallic leather.

    if you're thinking about one of these bags, GET IT!
    IMG_0447[1].jpg IMG_0452[1].jpg IMG_0453[1].jpg IMG_0455[1].jpg IMG_0451[1].jpg
  2. How cute! Thanks for posting them up! I bet it is only teh beginning!
  3. It's gorgeous!! :love: I bet it's even prettier in person. That's it, this is the next bag I buy. No bag crush... this is love!

    Congrats amanda, I am so happy for you! :nuts: Enjoy it!
  4. Congrats! It's gorgeous! :love:
  5. Wow, gorgeous ! I love the colour !
  6. daaaang...I'm usually not at ALL into metallic bags, but this one makes me want it. it's lovely.
  7. It's a beauty! Congrats and enjoy! Welcome to the world of Balenciaga.... lol
  8. it's sooooo pretty!! you're very lucky, congrats!
  9. Gorgeous color! Enjoy your new bag!
  10. It's beautiful, Amanda!! :P
  11. Its sooo pretty! Congrats Amanda :smile:
  12. Good for you! The color looks amazing and I bet it's even better in person! Have fun w/ it. I'm sure it's gonna be very versatile!:smile:
  13. It's beautiful. I want one.:sad2: :lol:
  14. Congrats Amanda! Looks like you can fit all your personal belongings inside too.
  15. i looooove it!!!! no other b bag compares to this beauty.