Pics of my new bags!

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  1. Here are pics of my Caramel Fisrt that I received on Saturday and my Ink Twiggy that just arrived! The leather on the ink doesn't seem as nice as the leather on the caramel - it doesn't seem as soft and is "crinkly". It also doesn't smell the same, LOL. Is this all normal??

    Thanks for indulging me.
  2. that ink twiggy is HOT! lindsay lohan has that one.. hot hot hot! congrats!
  3. 0o0o0o0o, b-bags!!!! congrats on your new b-bag!!!!!!
  4. Great bags! I love the Twiggy! Congrats and thanks for the pictures!
  5. Those are beautiful, the caramel looks delicious! Congrats on your new
  6. I like the ink! I love the caramel! I think they are both lovely-congrats! When these photos are posted, I think it is hard to tell who is being indulged! I feel like we are lucky to see all of the different colors, variations, types, etc. So, thanks for allowing us to see your beautiful new acquisitions!
  7. Thanks! I am loving the caramel more and more - I was uncertain about it at first.
  8. I LOVE your Ink twiggy! Congrats!
  9. Wow the leather on you caramel looks amazing! Congrats!
  10. OMG - it is sooooooo soft and yummy, LOL. Maybe that's why I think the ink leather isn't as nice.......
  11. OHMYYY. The ink twiggy is GORGEOUS!! VERY JEALOUS!!
  12. Thank you!!!! And the LV Speedy will be here tomorrow:biggrin: !
  13. the caramel is sooo beautiful!! congrats!!!!
  14. nicee bags!
  15. Gorgeous! Congrats
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