Pics of my new bag! And my other new MJ bags!

  1. Here are some of my new bags!

    My new grass Green Stella with my Berry Venetia and my new Cherry Blossom Venetia.

    The Cherry Blossom is the most amazing colour, it arrived to me in England this morning and I only paid for it on Tuesday! And it came from America! How amazingly quick is that!

    Quick question though, are Marc Jacobs bags hand made or done on a machine? Its just the gap between the stitching on the side of the Berry bag is bigger than that on the Cherry Blossom. Also, the care card with the Cherry Blossom is different to the one with the Berry, it was bought from Tj Maxx and everything else is fine, does MJ just change things from time to time?

    Thanks ( I think I am getting a little addicted to Marc Jacobs bag )

    Also, I wear gold jewellery, that doesn't look bad with silver hardware does it? And another thing, should I keep the Berry too? I was going to sell or trade it but as it is such a different colour I am thinking I should keep it...:confused1:


  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
  5. The one above on the left came with the Berry and the one on the right came with the Cherry Blossom. Also the pointed tabs on the side are exactly the same shape, size, it just looks different because of the way I took the pic!
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Congrats! love both the cherry blossom and berry! If possible, try to keep both! personally i prefer Berry, the colour just pop!
  8. Wow! Beautiful bags! Keep the berry Venetia. It's such a pretty bag.
  9. Do you think the difference between the stitches is ok? And the different cards?
  10. I don't believe these bags are from the same season hence the minor differences. I wouldn't worry about it. Congrats!
  11. Thanks Melly!
  12. Congrats and enjoy your new bag.
  13. There is another Cherry Blossom authentic venetia on eBay and that has the card on the left like my Berry card, not the card that came with my Cherry Blossom, does anyone else have the card that came with my Cherry Blossom?

  14. The Berry does not stain if it gets wet in the rain, does the Cherry Blossom? Do I need to spray anything on it?
  15. Yum! Those colors are lucious. Congrats!