Pics of my new arrivals! Yay!

  1. Here are a few new additions to my Toki family. Finally managed to picture them together. I am so excited for the arrival of my new L'Amore Zucca and Playground Andiamo now. :yahoo:


    My Bella Notte - With Citta Print Inside


    Olive Playground Campeggio - all the way from Hawaii!


    L'Amore Gioco - Bought it on LJ


    Lovely L'Amore Bambino - just got this yesterday!

  2. You have a bambino!! Thats soo freakin cute!
  3. Cute!! Congrats on your bags!!
  4. love your bags! congrats!
  5. Congrats!!!
  6. congrats on your bags!! The solid color of Notte actually looks really good against the rainbow zippers ... and your l'amores are beautiful!! Yay for campeggios ... lol :biggrin:
  7. Congrats! I especially love the centered placement of lattes, milks, mushrooms, and the green tea on your bambino! Waaay cute :biggrin:

    i love lattes :smile:
  9. Thanks! I fell in love with the Bambino the moment I set eyes on them. Actually, that was the last one so I don't have other bags to compare with but I think the less choice there are the better!

    The Bella Notte is beautiful. I talked myself into buying it actually. I am not a fan of solid print but the colors of the zippers really stood out. The inside Citta placement is PERFECT! But of course, only I will know. Haha..

    I had a choice between the Olive Playground and the Black Playground. I choose Olive since the print are more striking and less busy. I have not seen one IRL so when it came in the mail I almost jumped through the roof. I didn't expect it to be so gorgeous!

    I took picture of my whole collection and couldn't believe how many I've accumulated. Everything I have, I bought it within the month!! (except for the original Ciao).
  10. i just love your L'Amore Gioco, its soo cute.
  11. My whole Tokidoki family (most recent .. some bags are still in the mail .. I am so going overboard but I :heart: every minute of it!!) My accountant (dear BF) is so :wtf:. Haha..

  12. congratsssssss, I love your bags!
  13. Beautiful collection! I can tell you really like L'amore huh ? hehe...AND you have 2 Citta Rosa Treninos!
  14. Yeap, L'Amore is my favorite print! I just can't help buying them and when I found the Bambino yesterday, I knew it had to be taken home with me. The L'Amore Zucca should be here later in the week and that makes my 6th L'Amore!

    Yup, I have two CR trenino, one is supposed to be going to a friend but since she didn't want to trade her CR Zucca with it, I am holding on till she change her mind. I mean who needs 2 CR Zucca right? :p LOL!

    I also happen to have two L'Amore Ciao Ciao .. maybe I'll just sell one off but for now, I am going to keep them both.
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