pics of my new agenda

  1. i am not a photographer, but you get the idea. the filofax inserts are the wrong size- oops! now i'm wondering if i should have bought a large agenda... the lined pages are from lv. also, i'm changing my avatar for a short bit- we are at the boston public gardens & swan boats- this was last sunday. were you there? a woman in a pink exercise outfit was there with a cabas mezzo. another woman gave me a nod as she passed by with her sac shopping tote- which i'm even more in lve with after seeing it irl. (i had my bh w/me)
    103_0391.JPG 103_0392.JPG 103_0393.JPG 103_0394.JPG
  2. It's lovely!
  3. Congrats!
    Very nice.
  4. Cute! Congrats!
  5. Congrats!
  6. Very nice and congrats~:heart:
  7. I love it, mine is on the way. I ordered the small ring agenda in pomme. If you find a calender set that fits inside made by another company, please let me know. Enjoy!
  8. congrats ! btw - your photo's are great :smile:
  9. Congrats, super cute and useful!
  10. very nice! I wish I have use for an agenda (outlook works better for me)so I had an excuse to buy this!
  11. Love it! Congrats!
  12. thanks, all! kittens- i ordered accessories for my agenda at filofax online- buy i bought the wrong size. i bought the correct size at staples today. also, they had a good selection of all sorts of calendars and note pages for both the small and medium (and large) agendas. you will love your new agenda!
  13. Very nice congratulations-
  14. congrats!
  15. congrats - I love the agenda.