PICS of my mono petit noe with two diff scarves

  1. Hi all!:smile:
    Wanted to share two new scarves with you. I tied them into my new to me mono petit noe.
    Thanks for looking!
  2. very nice!
  3. awww how cute. I loveee the second scarf. :heart:
  4. Gorgeous! I :heart: the second scarf too!
  5. Nice mono petit noe! Love it! Thanks for sharing...
  6. Aw so pretty!! The 2nd scarf is v. cute :love:
  7. Oooh, love your scarves .... way cute! :graucho:

    They look so LOVELY on your Petit Noe. :heart:
  8. ooh- it looks especially great with the leopard! Gorgeous!
  9. mick!!!!!! i love them both!! but the girly side in my loves the 2nd one ;) what's the name of that scarf? and is it still possible to get one :p
  10. Okay. I'm the minority here. I love the Leopard bandeau on the Petit Noe!
  11. I love them both! They are so pretty, congrats!
  12. I agree with pinkiwhatever99 the leopard looks best!
  13. I:heart: the 2nd cute!!
  14. thanks to all!!:yes:

    mich--champs elysees bandeau in pink and i think you can still hunt it down, call 866.
  15. You paired it up so nicely....well done!!!