Pics of my Moka Quilted Bay!

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    :yahoo:So here they are, pics of my bay!:yahoo:
    As I seem to have difficulties resizing the pics (how do you all manage?!:confused1:) you have to go to that link below and then click "My Moka Bay". Sorry, that's the best I can offer right now!:shame:
  2. What a lovely bag! Up until now I have only wanted a Paddington, but your Bay is making me think otherwise! :biggrin:
  3. A girl after my own :heart:! Moka Bay's rock!!!

    You look great!
  4. It doesn't work for me, can't see moka bay. But i'm sure its lovely.
  5. It is gorgeous... Enjoy her to the best!
  6. Congrats, great bag!!
  7. Brigitte - it looks absolutely SENSATIONAL on you! I am so happy your dream came true!!
  8. :woohoo: Congrats!!! Is gorgeous!!! I love the moka quilted bay :heart:
  9. I'm so jealous. shes a lovely shape and size! Is that the normal bay size?
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  11. Love your bay, you wear it well!
  12. Oh, thank you ladies, so sweet of you...[​IMG]
  13. Fraulein Brigitte you look fabulous carrying your new baby. Each day I wear my Bay I fall more deeply in love. BTW love the slide show. What a cute idea! Also the Mocha Bay rates very high in my book!! Enjoy!!
  14. It' the medium size, but I think they have slightly smaller ones, too, as I have noticed on the LVR site, mine is 35x25 cm, whereas the slightly smaller ones are 20x30cm. Hope that you will find your Bay or any other dream bag really soon, I'm sure you will!:yes:
  15. Thank you for your nice compliments! I feel the same with the Bay, isn't it a lot of fun to carry it?:yahoo:
    Tagullah, you knew it!:heart:
    As for the slide show, the site does it automatically, but I'm glad you like it!:shame: