Pics of my Michael by MK Erin

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    It is hard to tell in the pictures, but the leather is really soft. The bag is very smooshy and would lose it's shape without stuff in it.

    My husband doesn't like it. :confused1: Not that he really cares or has a say, but it's still a bummer.

    The only thing I am not sure about is the MK fob. It is huge. It is twice the size of the ones they tie to other bags with a leather strap. I sort of wish it had the smaller one.

    Sorry some of the pics are blurry.

    Is she a keeper?




  2. meh
  3. :yucky: Boys!! what do they know!!
    I love it -- esp the strap w/the chain detailing!!
    It looks so yummy soft too!
    I agree - the fob is a little bit too big for that bag
    I wonder if they mistakenly put the wrong size fob on this bag and it was supposed to have a smaller one?:shrugs:
  4. Thanks! I think the problem with the fob is that they made a bigger version of this bag. I bet they used the same fob on both bags. I have to decide if it is worth it to me to try to hunt down a silver fob with black leather on the bay or something. My husband not liking the bag made me wonder if I should keep it. I am being wishy washy. I like it though.
  5. I LOVE it and it looks GREAT on you!!!! VERY classy, stylish bag that can be worn with anything!!!! If you dont like the fob, go onto *bay and buy a smaller one....I would definitely keep it!!!!
  6. Love it! I would definitely keep it!!!
  7. i like, don't love...not crazy about the shape & esp. the fob. but i DO like that you said it's soft...ultimately up to you. good luck with the decision!
  8. I like it!
  9. I wouldn't buy it but it does suit you.:smile:
  10. I like it! I'm not usually a fan of bucket style bags or whatever it's called but you're definitely able to pull the look off.
  11. I'm meh about it...I was going to suggest you use another silver MK fob from another bag if you had one...I love the handles and the chain, i dont care much for the shape of the bag..sorry:flowers:
  12. Yeah, I think it is going back. It's not love. I love the handles as well, but the shape is bumming me out. It sucks because it is so soft. That part I love. The hunt continues for a black bag.
  13. I agree with your husband... ;) I always ask my partner about my bags and I like the simple sense that he has and he always tells me the truth about how a bag looks on me. But that's ME and I know some guys really dont care about bags and about much much else.
  14. I agree the MK logo charm is quite big, I like the chain detail on the handle/strap though, but I prefer MK bags with more structure like their Item totes
  15. Oh, I sent it back almost right away. This one is an old one from almost a year ago. :biggrin: