Pics of my Metallic Linen Miu Miu Coffer love it or not ?

  1. Hi all,

    Just bought a Metallic Linen Miu Miu Coffer in Nordstrom which they just introduced Miu Miu bags last 2 weeks in the store, I really like the color combination, to be honest i think the suede and this one look better than the leather ones, but these couple of days the pics of the Silver patchwork coffer from the Saks SA keep showing in my brain, so should i go get the silver one and return this one ? The good thing of the Linen ones is really down to earth every day use bag and with the gold trim which is really nice color with the hardware, but the only bad thing is it is not a leather, the silver one is really pretty and is leather and also very hit for this season but it may not for a very long time use. So what do you guys think ?:idea:
    DSC03778.JPG DSC03784.JPG 136_3641.jpg
  2. I love it!!!!!truly, that's a beauty!!:love::love:
    I prefer the linen one over the patchwork!
  3. Definitely prefer the linen over the patchwork
  4. i love the linen one--it's beautiful!
  5. I like them both but I have to agree w/ the prev posters that I like the linen better!
  6. gorgeous..:smile:
  7. Can you all tell me why you will prefer the Linen one ? is it because the look ? but the silver one is leather sounds like more duriable ......... sigh hard to decide man :push:
  8. Definitely linen over patchwork!
  9. ^^^Ditto! Big DEFINITELY!
  10. For me, there's just too much going on with the patchwork bag -- the patches fight the shape and it looks like a muddle, whereas the linen is really a pull-together look for that bag.
    Is the linen treated? I've found my cloth bags hold up exceptionally well.
  11. luv it, congrats!!
  12. How can i tell if treated ? the linen one is more like the canvas material, yes it really hold up very well as you said

  13. No doubt, the linen is gorgeous - congratulations!
  14. By the way, my Nordies doesn't carry Miu Miu or Prada - how lucky are you?!
  15. my gosh, your new bag is beautiful! i LOVE it!!! it has just enough metallic, not too much, not too little!

    i think you hsould keep this one rather than getting the silver patchwork because this is probably more practical (color-wise) :smile: