Pics of my Medium Chocolate Carly

  1. I really love my new bag. I have a large wallet, wristlet, and medium cosmetic case inside. This is modeled by my 5'6" daughter.:yes:
    choc 1.jpg choc 2.jpg choc 3.jpg
  2. adorable purse.

    i LOVE it.
  3. adorable...i bet your model wants to keep it! bag looks great on your daughter and I am sure it looks great on you too.
  4. OMG, I love it!! Thanks for the pics!! :yahoo:
  5. love it!
  6. I want it! I want it! I want it!

    Do they have a matching wallet?
  7. Way cute! That looks like a good size too.
  8. Beautiful. I love that size too!
  9. It's beautiful!!!! Can we see the matching wallet & wristlet please....?????? I think I want the medium size now!!!:p
  10. Oops-I mean't to make the point that it is stuffed full because it contained a wallet, wristlet, and cosmetic case. They aren't matching. I believe a wristlet is the only matching acessorie they are making. Sorry for the confusion.
  11. ^^^^That's okay. It's a really lovely bag!!!
  12. Congrats!! I think I want to get the matching wristlet for mine, even though I already have FIVE Coach wristlets. :biggrin: But I love them all!!
  13. Wow thats bigger then I expected!! When the person on the phone gave me the size I thought it would be too small so I order the large. Oh well, I'm 5'6 too so I bet the large will look good anyways! Thanks for the pics!
  14. Wow! That bag is gorgeous! I think I may be lusting over that one now... just what I need :p
    Enjoy your Carly!!
  15. I'm 5'6 so now I know to get the medium--it looks great!