Pics of my LV sweet pastil headband

  1. Hi

    Got this a week ago and love it, have had so many compliments . thinking of getting the silver one aswell



  2. It is very very sweet. ;)
  3. Too cute!!!!!!!!!
  4. Love it! It looks great with your hair color, congrats! I really want one now!
  5. That's very pretty, I love how colourful it is.
  6. I love it!
    I really want one:drool:
  7. That is REALLY REALLY cute! how does it feel on your head? I usually don't wear headbands, b/c I hate when they make indentations in my head, kwim?
  8. Yeah I am the same I get headaches from headbands. Just have to make sure it sits back a bit on your head ... but its o.k
  9. That looks very pretty on you! I can see why you get so many compliments on it. :yes:
  10. Looks super on you!
    I would also like to know if it hurts when you wear it for a whole day? I have a few headbands and one hurts like hell after two hours or so, because the ends stick really into my head :push:

  11. I have worn it to work a few times, and yes it can hurt after a bit , I just have to move it around a bit :yes:
  12. That's very cute, but my hair is really thick so I think it'd get "lost" in my hair.
  13. so cute, congrats.

  14. Karman I think it may sit better in thicker hair , it would not hurt as all if you have more hair :tup:
  15. Very cute- I may get the silver one. Some headbands really give me a headache so I am not sure about this one