Pics of my little eBay splurge ... and a question about suede

  1. My Soho Tweed Satchel in midnight blue came in the mail today! I am very glad I bought this bag despite my pseudo-ban this month; I was tired of my somber leather bags and needed something fun! Hooray for old skool Coach Soho bags!

    Upon opening the package, I noticed the tweed is kind of poofy for some reason. Also, surprisingly ... she is kind of squeaky, because the patent leather on the handles rub against the metal rings holding them together. Maybe that will go away? Or does she need a little WD40? :p

    All in all, though, I like her very much :yes:

    The one thing that worries me is the suede. The whole bottom of the bag is suede, and even though there are little protective feet on it, I'm sure after some time, the suede is going to get dirty. Does anyone have a suede protector and/or cleaner they use? One that has been tested on Coach suede and won't change its color (the horror :crybaby:)? I'm too scared to try anything on my own, and Coach's website doesn't seem to carry anything. :thinking:
    IMG_0375.JPG IMG_0379.JPG
  2. Gorgeous and rare! Congrats, what a beauty! I don't have any good advice regarding the suede. I have a mini skinny with some suede on the outside bottom. It's gotten so dirty and rough over the past 3 years. I don't know if you can clean suede once it gets dirty. Maybe you could ask a Coach SA the next time you're in the boutique?
  3. Thank you for the nice comments! :heart:

    Too bad about your mini skinny :sad: I guess dirtiness is the fate of all suede eventually, I just hope I can delay it without having to keep it in a glass case! lol
  4. That handbag is gorgeous! It makes me want to go through my old coach catalogs to see the older styles.
    As for the suede, I would spray it with all weather protector spray. I have shoes that are all suede and have held up very well after being sprayed. I would think that suede is suede and it would be fine. I would maybe call customer service to double check but I think it would be fine.
  5. Thank you :smile: Hmm, come to think of it, I did use weather protectant on some shoes once ... don't remember what brand it was, only that there was a picture of a penguin on the can :p You're right though, I should call customer service (or just ask an SA, like Luna suggested) before I try anything.
  6. Be careful with suede on the bottom... I have this BEAUTIFUL turquoise bag with a suede bottom (actually I stole it from mommy)... and I was very naive and didn't take care of it (left it on the floor... etc) and now the bottom is very very unattractive. I took it to Coach to ask what I could do and the SA basically told me that it was so dirty that if I tried to clean it, the suede would get damaged. She told me the suede cleaner was more for spot treatment then like full on cleansing. But I'm sure if your not completely careless like I was, then you'll enjoy your beautiful suede bottom bag
  7. cute! congrats.. as far as the squeaking.. I had a Carly that squeaked forever and I used some of the Apple Conditioner on it and it INSTANTLY stopped.. it was the best thing ever!!!! :yahoo:
  8. That bag is just too cute, I love the little flower detail. Sorry since I am not really into suede bags I can't really offer you any advice on the maintenance of the bag. But that is definetely one beautiful eBay find, congratulations! :tup:
  9. Congrats on your new bag.. It's so pretty.. :biggrin:
  10. I always spray suede, there are a few rules I follow:

    Always check the can specifically states it can be used for suede, otherwise it may harden your suede.

    Read all the directions before starting.

    Protect your lining if spraying the sides of a bag. I close the bag and if it's not completely shut (like a partial zip), pop a couple of tissues in each end.

    Spray item outside as the fumes aren't nice!

    Spray a little distance from your item to avoid soaking it (about 30 cm) and spray evenly.

    Let dry overnight if possible. I leave the item outside for around 15 min then take it inside.

    I use "GRISON Protector Stain Guard for leather suede fabric" (Ogliss) in a spray can, I bought it from a leather goods store in Australia. I've sprayed Coach all suede hats, totes and pouches with no colour change. Camel, amethyst and bordeaux, so dark and light colours. It will appear maybe a tiny bit darker at first, but dries back to the original colour.

    It will still get dirty if you're not careful.

    If it gets rained on, reapply the spray when it's dry. Water just runs off Grison, it's great.
  11. Congrats, how unique! Love the color!
  12. Beautiful! I have been searching for the hobo in this style for about a year now!

    Congratulations and enjoy!
  13. I used to a have a lot of suede bags but got frustrated with trying to keep them clean and nice looking. I sold most of mine except for a few Tylie Malibus. I can tell you that if you shop at Nordstrom, and whether your bag was purchased there or not, if they know you they will take your bag and have it professionally cleaned. It's FREE!! I had a light pink suede Tylie, which I bought on eBay, and they cleaned it. It looked great, but cleaning it does disturb the pile somewhat. I guess they brush it. Overall, I could not have been more pleased. At least here in NJ, the person they send it to does a great job.

    For Coach, they will send yours off to have the suede cleaned professionally as well. Here they use Tony Rago services, and I believe it's typically about $30. I had inquired about a wave tote I was thinking of buying, and that's what I was quoted. I have not personally tried it, though, because I think I'm down to one Coach that has some suede in it (I sold my others), and so far it looks ok. The thing is you can take it to some dry cleaners too, but you have to be very careful because if they don't know what they are doing, they can ruin it for you. Sometimes the color is lifted in the cleaning process, and if it's a knowledgeable establishment, sometimes they can put the color back in. But I would ask at a diff. Coach store if they tell you no. Some of the ones here take an apathetic approach to suede and at best will give you a suede cleaner kit for spot cleaning.

    Also, I do spray mine. I use Apple or something like that, and actually Apple makes a suede and nubuck cleaner that's not bad. I have spot cleaned once on a Leatherock bag I had. Apple products don't smell as bad as some of them do, so actually I usually spray mine inside in my utility room, but yet, outside is probably best.

    Nice bag, and good luck!!
  14. Wow that bag is fantastic!!! Love the color, style, material - everything! I dont do suede too much because its hard to care for, but that bag would definitely be worth the effort!
  15. Congrats on a very beautiful and unique bag!! I don't know much about suede but I hope you enjoy that bag for a long time because it is tdf!!!!