PICS of my little Coach collection!!!

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  1. I'm still kinda sorta new here, but I hang out a lot!:p I thought it was about time to post my Coach pics. It's not much right now, but eventually I'll post pics of the many Coaches that have come and gone in my life. I have kept a photo archive of just about every bag I've ever owned.

    Here they are, with the patent Ergo being my newest.

    The Collection:
    Coach Collection 070818 015.jpg

    The Carryalls:
    Coach Carryalls 070818 011.jpg

    The Hobos:
    Coach Hobos 070818 010.jpg

    You may have noticed I don't have any signature (nowadays), but I love the all leather bags.

    Gee, that wasn't so difficult. I'm going to post my scarves in a separate thread. Fun!!
  2. WOW...great collection! :yes: I LOVE your patent ergo. I have gone back and forth and back again regarding it! LOL..... do you use it often?
  3. Very nice collection!!!:tup:
  4. you have a great collection! thanks for sharing!
  5. Great collection!

    I can see someone likes hobo style and the carryall style :smile:

    That gold color hobo is TDF!!!
  6. Very nice collection! I prefer the leather bags too. I love, love, love your black carryalls! I walked around with a large black carryall at an outlet for an hour and then decided against it at the last minute and put it back. I have a feeling I will always regret it! :hrmm:
  7. Gorgeous!
  8. Beautiful collection!! I love the suede patch hobo. That is gorgeous!

  9. Great collection! I LOVE the hobos!
  10. Congratulations.
  11. Very nice collection.. a nice variety of colors and they all look pretty timeless :tup: thanks for sharing!!! :yes:
  12. I haven't had it long, but have used it several times already. I told myself that black patent looks a little absurd in August in So. Cal., then I told myself to shut up!

    I love it so much that I am seriously considering getting a red one while I still can. I highly recommend it to you:tup:
  13. Thanks, kiuty77!

    The gold one is a Soho Tortilla in Gold Dusted Suede. It is the softest leather ever and I really love it. It does tend to be a little more slouchy than the other hobos because it is so soft.
  14. Great collection!! I love the carryalls!!
  15. Love the gold tortilla hobo.