Pics of My Legacy Thompson Satchel

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  1. Her's pics of my huuuuggggeee Legacy Thompson Satchel in Mahogany-Absolutely gorgeous and extremely large:sad:When my mother saw it, She thought it was a carryon bag.
    09-27-07_2211.jpg 09-27-07_2208.jpg
  2. That is one big satchel, but very nice. I've not seen this before. What kind of lining is on the inside? Is it very heavy?

  3. It has my fav legacy stripe lining-It is heavy but I'm used to my '06 Legacy satchel and feels about the same weight as it
  4. hey let's see some modeling pics!
  5. I will try to post some tomorrow.
  6. That is one beautiful bag! You made a great choice and chocolate Brown is my favorite color! Congrats!
  7. Very pretty.Congrats!
  8. That's a gorgeous bag, and I've never seen it before. Enjoy it!
  9. Is that Ink?
  10. Beautiful bag, can't wait to see pictures of you modeling it. Is it very heavy?
  11. That's one awesome bag! Do you know the dimensions?
    Does anyone know when the Thompson line is coming out??
  12. Very nice! Can't wait to see some modeling pics!
  13. It's Mahogany! I will post modeling pics tomorrow night!
  14. Wow im in love!! Can one fit a laptop in on a hunt for the perfect laptop bag
  15. That bag is really great looking, what are the measurements? Have you weighed it empty? How much was it? Did you have to call to order it? Sorry so many questions :smile:!