Pics of my LE Cocker as promised! Yay

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  1. I thought I'd post pics of my limited edition cocker as a seperate thread beacuse I am seriously in :love::love: and this baby deserves the limelight.

    Just to update, I recently exchanged my studded maxi veneta :crybaby::crybaby: for this gorgeous baby. The colour is pepe from the F/W 2006 collection and the leather is the most softest deerskin and as C-24 so rightly pointed out in my other thread, it is one of 200 cockers made in this style with the python accents. The pics have all been taken in natural light so that you guys can see the colour and the action pics were taken in my bathroom light (not natural) because it is the brightest. I got it in the sale for £1195 down from £1715 :yahoo:. Please let me know what you think??? BTW I'm posting in the "action thread" as well so please excuse the double post.
    bottega cocker 003.jpg bottega cocker 004.jpg bottega cocker 001.jpg bottega cocker 002.jpg bottega cocker 005.jpg
  2. The action pics....
    bottega cocker 006.jpg bottega cocker 007.jpg bottega cocker 008.jpg bottega cocker 009.jpg
  3. Wow .. it's so pretty syma... May I know how much is it?
  4. It's super pretty syma, better than I had expected actually, pepe is a great color. :nuts:

    There's something really special about having a bag with that limited edition plaque isn't there? I like the number you got too. :woohoo:
  5. Wow Syma, no wonder you were so torn. It's a beautiful purse and indeed deserves a separate thread (well, any BV piece would of course, wouldn't they?;)). The colour pepe is unique, subtle, looks versatile and relatively care free (compared to lighter colours), and the delicate python details are sublime. Does it feel comfortable on your shoulder?

    It looks so pretty on you, congrats and enjoy!!!
  6. Wow Syma, it's really cool! Doesn't look too huge on you, either. Congratulations!
  7. Wow, it`s even prettier than I imagined it to be! Congrats, syma!

    On the photos, the snakeskin accents look almost like liquid metal. And the plaque is so "reassuring" that his product is completely handmade and therefore something really precious!

    Love it!
  8. Syma it is absolutely gorgeous! No doubts here you made the right choice. That is a very special bag ~ I'm so happy for you!
  9. syma- i didn't think i would like the bag from the description and i have to tell you i was so wrong. it looks terrific on you. it is just perfect. enjoy her.
  10. CutieKiara, I paid £1095 in the sale down from £1750, Thank you mundodabolsa, hovercraftier, bluegenie, C-24 and Annie9999 :ty:

    Mid it feels comfortable on the shoulder and like my other BV's it is as light as a feather!
  11. It's like a work of art! Absoultely stunning. You wear it well!
  12. its really beautiful!!!
  13. Congrats on the stunning bag Syma! It is really a work of art. :love: I love the python details and the beautiful color. :girlsigh: You definitely made the right choice! :yahoo::woohoo:
  14. *drools*
  15. I love it and on you, it's one of the best Cockers I've seen. Yes, I would take this than your studded Veneta - a choice well made and I'm sure you would have no regrets. Enjoy it as it's a truly stunning bag. Gorgeous.