Pics of my last 2 purchases for a while.....I swear!!!!!

  1. Well here are the last two purchases for awhile, I swear it! I have been on a rampage and now it's time for a little break!!! At least until Hubby takes me to LV & Hermes in Boston on July 3rd!!!!!!:graucho: :graucho:

    Red Epi Checkbook cover
    Mono Change Purse
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
  2. Tr444...i like them. July 3rd is just around the corner, how exciting!!! Congrats.
  3. oooh almost july 3rd!
  4. :love: Red Epi is gorgeous!
  5. Congratulations! Very nice!
  6. They look nice together!
  7. Red epi= HOT!
  8. very cute, congrats!
  9. Congrats! Love both pieces. :biggrin: I'm getting my Speedy on the 3rd hopefully. :yahoo:
  10. Congrats! Love them both! Red is my favorite color!
  11. Congrats Traci! I love your new stuff, especially the framboise color.:love:
  12. beautiful stuff! congrats!
  13. Great pieces! You have a sassy collection. I'm lovin that epi piece.
  14. I Love Both Pieces!!! :smile:
  15. ohhh. love that change purse. do you think a cc would fit in there? I am thinking of getting that design in MC.