Pics of my Large Dark Berry Patent Tribute!

  1. Here are pics of my new Tribute that I received yesterday. Unfortunately, the weather isn't cooperating with getting some good shots in natural sunlight, but I tried some closeups right by a window to try and capture the color. None of these pics were taken with a flash.

    Let me know what you think! As you (hopefully) can see, it really is true to its name and a dark berry color. It can look like a deep burgundy in some light, but truly is a purplish-reddish-pinkish berry color.

    My decision is whether to keep this, or consider returning it to purchase the Red color when available, which is more like a dark cherry color. I wear a lot of black, so I photographed it against some black to see how it would look. I also don't want bright patent, so I'm kind of liking that it's more muted. Opinions are welcome!
    dsc01245.jpg dsc01243.jpg dsc01241.jpg dsc01244.jpg dsc01236.jpg
  2. Here are just a couple more pics, and I also wanted to pop in the online picture of the other Red color again, which I'm considering, for comparison.

    dsc01233.jpg dsc01231.jpg
  3. gorgeous ! i love the color !
  4. Oh! It's just lovely. Your photos are so much better than the stock pic and the RL color is TDF. It's so muted and gorgeous..perfect holiday bag!

  5. Oh it's gorgeous. Congratulation on such a fabulous bag. This color is amazing.
  6. :drool: It is gorgeous!!! I say keep it!
  7. Thank you so much for the feedback and compliments on it! glitterglo, I appreciate the vote to keep it.

    I found out that the deep, cherry red color is called Lacca Red. So, there is the Dark Berry and the Lacca Red as exclusive colors (along with some others), and then the bright, scarlet Red which is the same red used for the patent Downtown.

    I'm trying to decide between the Lacca Red and the Dark Berry. I've been admiring my bag in different lighting, and it's definitely going to look burgundy at night and in any low lighting and then more berry during the day. I love the idea of a deep red bag, too, so I'm wondering if I'm going to have to stalk and order the Lacca Red and then compare them in person and return one. I'm feeling like the Dark Berry might be a less common color, though, which appeals to me. And I am worried that the Lacca Red is going to be a lot brighter than pictured.

    Sorry for being so indecisive and thanks for your patience in reading through all of my deliberations between the two colors! I know it's a personal decision, but I still like hearing others' thoughts on it, it really does help me.
  8. Shazam, I really like the one that you got and I definitely think you should keep it. :tup:

    For a large patent bag such as the Tribute, I think that a brighter tomato red would be a bit much. The dark berry is very elegant and sophisticated; it reminds me of my Jimmy Choo bordeaux patent Ramona. I've had that bag about a year and a half, and have found the color to be very versatile and wearable. Good luck with your decision.
    Jimmy Choo Ramona.JPG
  9. Thanks, Cosmo! I love your Jimmy Choo, by the way, it's gorgeous.

    I was still debating on whether the Dark Berry is right for me, and the Lacca Red just became available today, so I went ahead and ordered that one so I could do a comparison between the two and will then choose which one I want to return. I do like the Dark Berry but would always have that nagging feeling about the Lacca Red if I didn't check it out in person, so this way I'll just be able to feel good about whichever one I decide to keep.

    I'll post pictures of the Lacca Red once I get it, too, and will hopefully just have an instant decision when I see it! If the shipping time is similar to the Dark Berry, it may even be here by Friday.
  10. I really like this color - can't wait to see comparison shots of the two reds. Is this the large? I've never seen the sizes in person - I'd love to see a modeling pic.
    hmm, I have a pink Miu miu patent bag I love to use, red ysl would be even better!
  11. oooo, I love the Dark Berry color! beautiful!!! Do you have modeling pics??
  12. wow this is such a great color! congrats!