Pics of my L'Amores!

  1. I think I'm losing it, since I am keeping both bags. :nuts:

    They are so cute!! :heart::heart: Gioco for carrying tons of stuff for a long day outdoors. (Will it work for a baby bag?) And the small one for regular stuff. I think the bambinone contains all the characters in this Amore pattern! Only found this perfect one out of 6 of them! :tup:

    I love looking at each of those characters. I'll have to introduce them to my "future" kids someday !! :smile:

    I'll be on a toki ban until Trasporto or Vacanze...
    bambinone1.jpg bambinone2.jpg gioco1.jpg gioco2.jpg
  2. nah, it makes sense to keep both since they're different styles, bagfever! :tup:
    cute amores! love the side of the bambinone w/adios&ciaociao and bastardino&polpettina &the milks. that side has all my favorites for that print.
  3. Thanks! I LUV the Milks too!
  4. Congrats! I love this print
  5. I love L'Amore. Mine's a Campeggio so I have all the characters in it. :smile: The Bambinone is super cute too!
  6. Ohh, very cute! Congrats!
  7. Wow, that's a great Bambinone! The sushi is my fave :biggrin:D I have a Gioco in this print too~
  8. I love that print :heart:
  9. great bambinone. I have one too they are great great great! I didn't think I would use mine much, but I ended up using this one all the time.
  10. Love both bags. Congratz! :yahoo:
  11. cute!! congrats :biggrin:
  12. congrats on your 2 l'amores! I love that print and you got it in 2 great styles!! yay! :biggrin:
  13. O:huh:Ooo very pretty Amore bags :tup: