Pics of my kids

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  1. I don't think I've posted pics of my *kids* yet so I thought I would share them. Besides our parrot, we have 3 dogs...from big to tiny. Our GSD is huge, 125 lbs and a total sissy. He has a mean bark and is an excellent guard dog, but he's a sweetie. Our Chi is about 4 lbs and thinks he's a German Shepherd!! LOL Snooper, Yorkie mix, is our oldest dog and gets away with everything. She's the princess of the house.

    Manto, GSD


    Snooper, YorkiePoo


    Tito, Chihuahua

    He was a puppy in the pic, put him on a model motorcycle... wish I would've had a leather jacket for him!
  2. Sooooo adorable!!!!!! Great pics!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!
  3. Beautiful, fun, and happy pups!
  4. Beautiful children!! Love your GS! He's a beauty :smile: We had a GS - Rot mix and he always acted like he was a big tough bully, but in reality he was the biggest pushover ever! :smile:
  5. I :heart: Snooper with a PJ and bow!!
  6. Aww, they're all so cute! Their individual personalities really show through in those pictures.
  7. They are all such cuties!!!
  8. You have an adorable crew! I LOVE the pic of your pup on the motorcycle!
  9. Beautiful dogs!! My DH is adding a boxer puppy to our menagerie but I wanted a German shepherd because they are such noble-looking dogs. Yours is a real stunner---well, all of them are!
  10. Thanks ya'll!
  11. OMG they are all precious!!

    Manto is so noble looking...LOVE shepards!!

    (and, obviously, Chihuahuas! LOL)
  12. I love your kids!! they are adorable!
  13. Tito on motorcycle looks so cute :heart:
  14. Love the motorcycle pic! Your kids are adorable
  15. Your German Shep is perfectly posed. They all look so happy! Such a nice bunch of kids.