Pics of my Ink Work under various lighting!

  1. I was iffy about her at first, but after I took her out for a spin, I'm in love with her!!

    I think she looks a bit veiny now, but I think over time, she'll improve! ( i don't really mind it though), in pic she looks very shiny, but IRL she's not. :smile:

    Here she is!!

    Sorry, i have them in photoucket.
  2. wow, the color is gorgeous, congrats! :biggrin:
  3. Love the color
  4. I :heart: Ink!!
    It's one color that the fakers wont be able to get right, because it has various tones.
  5. Gorgeous!!!!:yahoo:
  6. Fantastic. Glad you gave it a chance and started to 'feel the INK'! The pics look great. Very nice Work! Thanks for sharing the pics as we can never get enough of the Ink color. :smile:
  7. purty bag!!
  8. Your bag looks great in the pictures! Congratulations!!
  9. Thanks for posting!
  10. That's a pretty ink work. Congrat!
  11. Awesome bag. Enjoy it
  12. loooooooooove the ink! Congrats!!! It's GORGEOUS! :yahoo:
  13. i think she is gorgeous
  14. Ink = :heart: :love: :tender:
    Congrats on your work, faye!
  15. I love it. Enjoy it!
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