Pics of my Hermes road trip!!

  1. Here are the follow up pictures as I promised from my road trip. I really had to narrow them down to my favorite ones so as not to clog this thread. First, are the San Francisco store front and windows. MLJones had asked for pictures of the stores around the world so I hope you're reading this. I took these pics for you.
    IMG_1307.JPG IMG_1308.JPG IMG_1309.JPG IMG_1310.JPG IMG_1311.JPG
  2. More San Francisco pictures. Let me just say this store has sssssooooo many windows!
    IMG_1312.JPG IMG_1313.JPG IMG_1314.JPG IMG_1315.JPG
  3. MLJones, here are pictures of the San Francisco and Beverly Hills store front for your architectural studies. I couldn't get pictures of the Beverly Hills windows because the guard kept staring at me and, well, let's just say I value my life.:p The first two pictures are of the San Francisco store and the third is of Beverly Hills. Don't you just love those palm trees.
    IMG_1318.JPG IMG_1319.JPG IMG_1324.JPG
  4. Windows from the store at South Coast Plaza.
    IMG_1320.JPG IMG_1321.JPG IMG_1322.JPG
  5. scp window on the left - what color is that little bolide?

    funny re. guard in bh. i guess we have to put a premium on your safety over our desire for hermes coverage. lol

    welcome back!
  6. Pictures from the Getty Center in Los Angeles.
    1. My view of the Center while having lunch al fresco.
    2. A view of the flower garden at the Center.
    3. The flower garden from a different angle.
    4. The cactus garden with a view of the downtown LA skyline, complete with layer of smog. Some things just never change.
    5. Bambi sighting!!!!! We spotted deer on the property!!!
    IMG_1327.JPG IMG_1331.JPG IMG_1336.JPG IMG_1344.JPG IMG_1354.jpg
  8. You are so good to us HG!
  9. Beautiful pics!! I love the Getty Center. Been there myself and it's just gorgeous!
  10. More from the Getty Center.
    1. A close up of the cactus garden. I told my sister I'd give her $200 to jump into it.
    2. Van Gogh's Irises. I love the Impressionists and while the Getty really has a more extensive classical collection, the Impressionist collection, while small, was nothing to sneeze it.
    3. Sunset over the Pacific. This was one of my favorite things to do in college, go to the beach on a motorcycle and watch the sun set.
    4. One of the water sculptures at night.
    5. The Getty Center trees dressed up for the night.
    IMG_1348.JPG IMG_1357.JPG IMG_1363.JPG IMG_1370.JPG IMG_1377.JPG
  11. ^^^WOW!! Thanks for the pictures HG, JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Looks like SF windows, and SCP windows have similar themes with that red and white house thingy going on. The Jige's are SO CUTE!:heart:

    Glad you made it back home, HAPPY NEW YEAR's!
  12. Finally, my special purchase. This is especially for my friend pr1nc355. I just knew you'd love this.:p :p
  13. Thanks for sharing your road trip with us! You really take grrrrrrrrrreat pics!
  14. such beautiful pictures!! Lovely!!! thank you!
    and :roflmfao: on the last one!
  15. Oh, I just had to add:

    GO BRUINS!!!!