Pics of my heart's DEESIRE!

  1. It came a day early in a big box and I am just floating on air! This one is definitely a keeper. I LOVE it with a capital "L"! I want to sleep with it!!!! - and wear it too, of course EVERY DAY!!!!!

  2. Congrats - your new Chloe is beautiful and looks great on you! I love finding that bag that makes your heart flutter!
  3. :tup:Congrats! What an absolutely stunning bag - you look fabulous wearing her.Where did she come from and what's the name of that design ( not that for one second I'm thinking of buying another Chloe this year...but a lady can always dream:girlsigh: !) ?
  4. OOOOh that baby is gorgeous!!!!! Congrats.
  5. Oh, what a beautiful bag!!! Yes, what's the name of her and where did she come from? Enjoy![​IMG]
  6. ohhh pretty!!!
  7. great bag!
  8. that's lovely!! saw it at NM yesterday, i didn't like the patent paddies when they were first released but they've really sneaked into my heart!
  9. Absolutely Beautiful!! If I didn't already have 2 patent Chloes..........well, you know the rest of the story. Congratulations -- it does fit you well.
  10. I Love Div's bag! She wanted me to choose between this Patent Capsule Paddy or the tall satchel Heloise. I said no brainer, return the Heloise and keep the Cap!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats Nat she is very very beautiful. I love her as well!!
  11. Divnanata... rock that bag! We are bag twins :smile:
    Enjoy her...the patent is just so amazing, isn't it?
  12. Oh wow that bag is just gorgoues....I LOVE the shape with the patent and its the perfect size. I thought it was a lot bigger....

  13. That bag looks great on you. Congrats!
  14. Tag - this is the Paddington Dome Capsule Satchel - also known as a 'bowler' - in patent. You can still see it online at Neiman's or Bergdorfs at full retail. Thanks to the incredible flow of information on this very forum I was able to find this bag (that I have been lusting for ever since it debuted) at a 50% discount at the Chloe Boutique in Bal Harbour Florida. How would I have otherwise known of the sale? I'm sure it will be reduced at some point after the holidays as well. The shop's SA was stunned that it was marked down. Imagine? - the gals here knew about the sale items before she realized it! And it was the last one in the shop. I didn't have to pay taxes either!!!! BIG SIGH!!!!!:love::heart:
  15. ^I was accidentally still logged in as Susie so I have to clarify that this is the divna talking up there! We had a lot of fun yesterday at my house. I thought she would miss the delivery of the bag but it came a day early! Thanks for all the wonderful compliments. I wish everybody the same happiness with their bags this holiday season and anytime!!!