1. Got my bag yesterday. It's treated with Wilson's and ready to go. I love the bag personally. It's slouchy and casual. The leather is soft and squishy. I think I will get alot of use from it. If you pull out the cinching tassles, the opening is huge and the bag is quite big.

    Other observations:
    The outer zippers are sticky and will need a treatment of chapstick.

    Gustto's lining are nothing to write home about. Actually rather cheap looking for a 625.00 bag. I'm okay with that as long as it proves not to rip or tear.

    The bag is darker than my camera makes it out. The flash is making it lighter. It is a real steel blue, not light blue as shown.




  2. That is an absolutely gorgeous bag. I would wear that with everything! Thanks for posting your pictures so quickly. I was anxious to see what that stunning bag would look like in blue.
  3. Lexie, thanks for the pics. I absolutely LOVE the bag!!
  4. WOW, Lexie! That's a beauty. I absolutely love that bag...the style, the leather, the color...everything. I'm a casual kinda gal and it is just what I have been looking for. By now everyone knows I want one...bad! Congratulations and wear her in good health.
  5. Active Endeavors still shows they have one in Blue. Use the Grechen Code and get 20% off (down to 500). AE told me via phone they will not be getting any more Gusttos in after thier first initial order.
  6. I had so many stars in my eyes that I forgot to ask you a few questions: Is the bag heavy? Does the leather appear as if it will scratch easily? Does it stay on your shoulder pretty well?
  7. The bag is extremely light even though the bag leather does not seem unsubstantial. It does not appear to be super delicate although time will tell. I will post in a few days after using it. I purposely scratched my nail on an innner surface and it showed a lightened area then it rubbed out immediately with my fingers. And yes, it stays on my shoulders very well. I like the fact it only has one shoulder strap. I am making an ASSumption here but I feel if it does show signs of wear, because of the style and leather, it will not detract from the bag for me. Kinda like an old worn pair of blue jeans.

    I am not talking out of 2 sides of my mouth. The Charlie bag is a classier dressier purse and the mars do not add to it's appearance.
  8. Wow, so pretty! I love that color... like you said, just like a lovely, well loved and faded pair of jeans.

    sigh.... a new love to drool over......

    darn this purse ban!
  9. i love the look of that bag, very pretty!
  10. i love the color!It's pretty!
  11. Congrats, beautiful color and nice style!
  12. that is beautiful! can you post some pics carrying it? I'd love to see how the size compares with my parina...
  13. It's very pretty!
  14. I love your Gustto!
    Blue is such an awesome color, Congrats.
  15. I love your Gustto Torlia! It's beautiful!