Pics of my gucci goodies from the past few weeks! :)

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  1. Hi gals! finally had time to take pics of the stuff i got from the sale. most are from the first 40% markdown. Had a friend send them to me from NY and also my gorgeous mom in NJ bought me the red bouvier as a surprise thoughtful gift. The horsebit ballet flats my bf got them for me at the gucci flagship store here in manila, it was quite expensive buying it here but none can be found anymore in the US. It was a splurge but i am so in love with it!:love:

    1) guccissima bronzey gold bouvier hobo and flats from cruise collection '06


    2) red leather bouvier hobo (yes, i love this frida spin-off on the jackie o. bag) and cosmetic case which i will use for my digicam.

    by the way, both bags aren't that shiny, these are the stock shots :smile:
  2. Darling! Congratulations!
  3. Wow, they're amazing, congrats
  4. thanks!!! i have no one else to share the joy with as much as you gals! :smile:
  5. OMG! They are all beautiful!
  6. That red hobo is starting to haunt me, this is the fourth time I've come back to this thread just to stare at it :shame:
  7. Great bags! Love the flats too! Congrats and enjoy!
  8. Wowza! I love it ALL!!! :nuts:
  9. Congrats! That reminds me I really need a red bag. I love that one!
  10. beautiful, congrats! :biggrin:
  11. WOW :shocked: That bronze gold hobo is just gorgeous! I love that color to death! Congratulations girl!
  12. wow you got some great stuff!
  13. thanks so much gals! i keep staring at them too. :smile: i used the gold hobo the other day with a white dress and heads literally were turning to take a look. :smile:
  14. sigh, of course nicole has to have that dress that is perfect for my gold guccissima set! :girlsigh:

  15. congrats!!!
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