Pics of my Growing Bbag Collection!

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  1. My bbag family has grown, so I thought I'd share some new pics :flowers:. The only thing missing is my Ultimate Holy Grail, a 2004 Turquoise Twiggy, that I finally found today after searching for over 2 years!

    Family shot (05 Turquoise Day, 07 Vert D'eau Day, 04 Seafoam Purse, 04 Marron Twiggy, 04 Seafoam Twiggy, 05 Turquoise First, 04 Turquoise First new condition, 04 Turquoise First - preloved condition, 04 Seafoam First, 05 Turquoise Mini Twiggy, 05 Sky Blue Makeup, 04 Turquoise Mini Mini Coin Purse) :


    05 Turquoise Family (First, Mini Twiggy and Day)


    04 Turquoise Family (Like-new First, Preloved First, Mini Mini Coin Purse - soon will be adding my HG Twiggy!)


    04 Seafoam Family (Purse, Twiggy, First)


    I think my collection needs some sort of pink, but that will have to wait after the purchase I made today...Anyway, thanks for looking! :flowers:
  2. omg! every single one in your collection is a HG! simply divine congrats!
    u know if u ever wanna offload anything.... ;)
  3. You have an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G collection! :drool:
  4. oh wow its like a sea of balenciaga :dothewave: !! with one piece of driftwood floating around (marron twiggy) :lol: !!

    beautiful collection ! i'm drooling over your 05 turq first !! so yummy :drool: and I agree with jzlyn... if you ever wanna unload a few :tup:
  5. ^^ hip, hip, hooray for the "blue sea" :party:

    p.s. maybe my black sea & your blue sea should
    get together (lol!!!) :graucho:
  6. wwowowowowow, 05 turq wowowowowowowow!
    you love blue/green i can tell...
  7. Girllll!!!

    Love your "blue sea!"
  8. omg! drool!
  9. stunning collections!! :nuts: are those seafoam that i see??!!
  10. Your Turq family is :love: Very lovely, thanks for sharing!
  11. Fashion_junky, this is one of the best blue/green collections ever!!! :nuts: :tup: Congrats on getting your turquoise twiggy too! :yahoo::yahoo:
  12. That is just an HG celebration!!! Thanks for sharing!
  13. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! I'm stunned at this array of rare blue/greens... and I seriously covet that Seafoam first :love:
  14. :drool:Fantastic Collection:drool:

    So very jealous!
  15. WAO!!! Fantastic!!!