PICS of my GH Natural City

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  1. I don't think pics capture the beauty of the color. The color is quite a bit darker IRL because of the flash. I didn't think I liked the GH on the City at first but seeing them in person at NM changed my mind. I love the GH on all styles!


    natural 1.jpg natural 2.jpg
  2. The GH is REALLY nice in a Natural City. Congrats on such a gorgeous bag!
  3. oh Glimmer! So luscious !!!!!:p
  4. Stunning..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. love the color....congrats!!
  6. Beautiful~ :drool:
  7. This bag is sooo gorgeous!!! I love the giant hardware....i want it, congrats!!
  8. That's a beautiful bag, congrats!
  9. Yeah, Baby!

    Glimmer, that City looks great with the GH. Naturel is one of my favorite colors this season!
  10. Thanks girls! :love:
  11. congrats Glimmer, i think the GH looks gorgeous on your city!!! :wlae:
  12. congrats GLIMMER :biggrin: it's soo pretty!!
  13. Here's w/out flash... maybe this shows the color a little better.

    natural 3.jpg
  14. wowww... congrats :yahoo:
  15. I LOVE the natural w/the GH!! Congrats!