Pics of my Flat Brass Hobo

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  1. hi guys. here are some pics of my flat brass hobo for those who had questions!

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
  2. That is a great style bag- I so wish they would make that again! Love it Toni!!!!
  3. its pretty great. it is deep, and holds alot but is sort of flat against your body, so its really easy to carry. i love it and was so lucky to find this bag new. eBay sometimes is a wonderful place. :flowers:
  4. Interesting. It seems the buckle placement is a little different as well.
  5. yes, and they sort of jiggle around. someone had asked a question about the buckles and how they were sewn, so i posted these to help answer some questions.

  6. toni, that's a rare find! absolutely great looking bag! the leather looks so buttery soft.
  7. thank you... it was one of those "oh my god i just pushed the BIN button before i knew what i was doing" moments in my eBay history!!

    the bag came from italy from the gucci group outlet store, and it was in storage since 2002, so it was pretty dry when i got it. it is so much better now,

    apple guard to the rescue!!
  8. hehe, t! You know I LOVE it - it's my baby's cousin! ;) :lol:

    SO beautiful!
  9. thats right!! we're related!!:yes:
  10. Very one of a kind looking...nice!!
  11. ooohh toni, I LOVE it!!!!!! I think I should start hunting for one of these... BTW Toni, Mims, or anyone else who knows, when balenciaga was making their motorcycle bags with flat brass hardware, did they only have this buckle hobo and the classique style? Or were there others too?
  12. Wow Toni! That is so awesome. I love love it!
  13. thanks so much!!

    mimi could answer this question better than me.. i am acutally not so sure, but i know the city size came later than the hobo, and the classic.t;)
  14. I don't think I've ever seen anything but this hobo and the first styles with the flat hardware.

    toni thanks so much for posting the photos, and your PMs!! FWIW, mine has different-ish leather on the front and back as well. I decided it was a sign of character. ;)
  15. beautiful bag!
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