Pics of my "fix" (s) haha :)

  1. Ok guys, I told you I was going to do here it is! I went ahead and got the clutch...funny story though - i actually was going to pass on it, but as soon as my bf say it he's like no youre getting that its so hot and "chic" hahaha yes he said CHIC!!

    And i also got another goodie that ive been wanting for a while...GUCCI ICE CUBE TRAYS!!! wohooo party at my house haha :smile: i cant wait to use them, but i had to take a pic before i did!!! :smile:

    So here's a run down of my designer goodies...minus clothes because those are necessities and they dont count...right? :supacool:

    - Gucci clutch
    - Gucci Ice Cube trays
    - LV thingy for my phone (I attchd a prada charm on it!)
    - burberry gloves
  2. and here is my ice cube try and i didnt want to start a new thread for the gloves so ill just incld that pic too! :smile:
    CIMG2026.JPG CIMG2027.JPG CIMG2037.JPG
  3. You are so cute LOL I love everything!
  4. Congrat! Lol ice cube trays, that's a bit over the top for me but from what I can tell (and I don't meant this in a bad way) they totally suit you! I could so see you having a party with everyone having G shaped ice cubes in their drinks! Lol...
  5. I love the ice cube trays very nice :smile: Great clutch too!
  6. Ice cube trays! My hubby will love that too since they're somewhat useful!

    Congrats on the chic clutch, I like this Gucci logo too.
  7. Agree, I have this Gucci logo on both my long purse and keyring and I love it...
  8. GG ice cube trays! The clutch is really classic, you can get a lot of use out of it...
    Congrats on your purchases!
  9. hehe THANKS! my bf actually got the ice trays for me because i would always drool when I saw thme, so he was like you obviously want them so here! lol!!! man i love the guy!
  10. wow. ICE CUBE TRAYS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg. lol how much were THOSE..
  11. ^ I think they are something like $65 or so...
  12. Cute clutch..I see you went for the classy one;). Hun..can I borrow your boyfriend when you're bored with him..I need someone to hem I mean "love" me too:graucho:..
  13. Congrats!
  14. Yay! You got your ice-cube trays!! Woo hoo!!