Pics of my first Marc Jacobs (small cecilia) . . .

  1. Finally took pics of my first MJ: small cecilia in white. I'm not sure of the color name. First I was told it was slate, then I was told it was latte. I did a charge-send through the San Francisco boutique. I had a very disappointing experience. I will never order from them again.

    The small size wasn't available in Nordstroms, Saks or Neimans for the white color. Which is why I called a boutique to order. The package didn't arrive when promised, sales rep told me specifically I would have it "by Monday or Tuesday at the latest". On Wednesday, Fedex came but only delivered one package from piperlime. I called MJ to see where my package was, the assistant mgr told me their system said it as on the delivery truck. So apparently there was more than 1 fedex truck. I had to leave the house then, I had already waited all day until 3:30pm. She asked me what I wanted to do, I asked if she would waive shipping. Then she says, "waive shipping because you weren't there?" She said she would have my sales rep call me on Friday when he was in to take care of this situation.

    Then the bag did not come with a receipt or tags. When I called to ask about them, the sales rep told me they usually don't send them unless the customer requests.

    He is going to send me my receipt. But he doesn't have my tags and is going to try and get tags from another bag. The tags aren't that important, but I told him the store wouldn't take a return without a receipt or tags, so why should I be ok without those items as a customer? It's not like I'm asking for something that I shouldn't be getting.

    So disappointed with how I was treated. I love the bag so I'm keeping it. But, I will never order again from them. Just posting pics for reference since there aren't many posted on the board.
    MJ Small Cecilia.jpg
  2. oh, i'm so sorry lina. sometimes i feel SAs just don't know how anxious we can get when we are waiting for our bags. hopefully your SA will help to waive the shipping fees for you along with sending you tags and your receipt. that's very strange that they wouldn't at least send you the receipt with your purchase. how would you know what they charged w/o one???

    on a happier note, your new bag is so cute! did the smaller version come with a detachable shoulder strap? i really like this color, whatever it is latte or slate.
  3. beautiful bag! i'm so excited to see the new spring bags being bought. congrats!

    i'm so sorry to hear about your experience with the sf boutique. i've heard lot of complaints about them particularly an incident where a member here was charged for an item she never ordered or received. additionally, i've always gotten my receipts from a boutique charge/send transaction. looks like the sa screwed up and didn't want to own up to his mistake. despite all that, you got yourself a hot bag, so enjoy!
  4. I love the bag, it is so cute and I think that the size is perfect.

    I cannot believe that the tags and receipt weren't there, so disappointing! That SA is so rude...
  5. I am sorry that it was such an ordeal for you to get your bag...but it is an absolutely beautiful bag!!! Enjoy!
  6. Lina, that is a *beautiful* bag.

    It's a shame that the boutique's SA was such a jerk to you. It's so much nicer when the SA shows appreciation for our hard-earned money. It's not as if these bags are cheap!

    Nevertheless, congratulations on the adorable bag! :woohoo:
  7. Congrats, what a cute bag.:smile:

    Shame about the bad shopping experience, just go somewhere else next time.
  8. Congrats..good looking bag.
  9. Congrats! :woohoo: The bag is a beauty! Can we have some modeling shots, pretty pls? :girlsigh:

    Btw, sorry to hear about the unpleasant CS with the boutique. :push:
  10. What a beautiful bag Lina! Wow!!! So jealous, I want one of these...too bad they don't have this size/color available at Nordies, Saks or NM. Bummer!

    Sorry to hear about your experience with MJ SF...not the first one I heard. I really hope that they send you the receipt and tags (which they should have in the first place)..

    Anyway, CONGRATS on a gorgeous bag. Enjoy her!!!:tup:
  11. Pretty bag!! Does this one come with the longer black strap, too? If so, black & white is a nice combo!
  12. awesome bag!! give us a review of your new bag! How do you like it?
  13. It is so very irritating when you are spending lots of $$ and get treated like poo. IMO, that is part of the experience of buying a high-end bag - great CS and being treated 'special'. can buy a bag at Target and get treated like that. :rant: At any rate . . .

    Gorgeous!!! I saw these at Neimans the other day and they are sooooooo cute!!!
  14. What a fabulous bag! Sorry for the bad service though.
    It is definitely not slate. Slate is a very light blue/gray. It seems like latte would be a darker color to me, but I haven't seen latte IRL.
  15. aww sorry for the experience but its a gorgeous bag!